Code Fest 2020: DAZN inspiring women in software engineering

At DAZN, we believe in the power of technology to bring fans together. We also believe in its ability to level the playing field and create opportunities for all. That’s why we’ve been busy supporting Code First Girls’: Code Fest 2020 over the past few weeks, and championing the success of our talented female engineers.

A month-long digital skills and talent event, Code Fest 2020 delivered a programme of virtual panels, skills sessions and keynote speeches to the young women in tech community. It also provided aspiring female coders with a unique opportunity to connect with inspiring leaders from across the industry.

Over four weeks, 87 speakers from 48 companies came together to deliver 64 hours of live content, and DAZN was delighted to play a part.

First up, rising DAZN stars and software engineers, Kaja Polkowska, Naomi Gaynor and Carrie Beesley joined Code First Girls for their “Future Stars” event. The team shared their experiences of working in the technology industry and insights on how they kick-started their careers.

Offering insights on what drew her to the industry, Naomi commented: “I really liked the problem-solving aspect, I felt there were a lot of transferable skills from science that I could bring into coding. I also felt outraged that there were so few women working in tech and I wanted to be part of the people who could bring forward change.”

DAZN’s own people specialists, Danyel Zisman, Emma Rouhani and Michael Carter later joined Code Fest 2020 for their “Career Nav” sessions, offering dedicated coaching and career advice for female coders of the future.

Taking part in the Skills and Recruitment discussion, Emma added: “It’s so important to feel empowered in your interview process. A lot of companies are just starting out on their DEI and women in tech agendas, so don’t be intimidated if you come across a less diverse panel. Ask questions and make sure you feel that the company is aligned to your values.”

Finally, DAZN Software Engineering Manager, Maryam Azarin rounded-off our series of Code Fest 2020 sessions. She spoke about her career and life at DAZN in a panel alongside BT’s Pauline Navras and Alison Pain from Northern Trust. Maryam offered personal insights on her journey into management and what a career in engineering can look like.

Code Fest 2020 was Code First Girls biggest event to date, with over 11,000 views across the month. DAZN was proud to participate and play a role in driving ongoing awareness across the industry and supporting engagement for key issues for women in tech.