Brand Safety Policy


Primary Agreement and Digital Trading Statement

DAZN Group is committed to providing outstanding customer service and brand safety for our clients and publisher partners in respect of the digital platforms we operate. We aim to provide complete transparency over how brands appear around site content and to adhere to brand and category block lists to minimise the risk of ad misplacement. To achieve this, we set out below our brand protection policy and processes for all UK campaigns running across our portfolio of sites and our implementation of campaign white lists according to your instructions. DAZN Group operates with premium inventory on Mobile Web and Apps with identified publishers under the same campaign vetting process in the UK.

We will run our own sold campaigns across our network of brand safe premium sites in conjunction with campaigns delivered via leading Real Time Bidding providers from both the open and Private Marketplaces. For all direct campaigns we work from both white and, where applicable, black lists as specified by the buyer. DAZN Group internal blacklist policy criteria (see below) and any blacklist or whitelist requested by the publisher will be processed into any 3rd party systems that we work with. Promptly following any reasonable request, we will remove advertising from any site in accordance with instructions from the publisher or their authorised agency in accordance with the Takedown Policy.

Our Brand Protection Policy

Blacklist policy

DAZN Group operates a blacklist policy based on generic categories including but not limited to the following:

  • Hate speech
  • Offensive language
  • Violence
  • Illegal drugs
  • Illegal downloads
  • Adware/Malware
  • Adult/Pornography

Takedown Policy

In the event of an advertisement appearing on a website, Mobile App or Mobile site that the client deems inappropriate or unsuitable, DAZN Groupwill make every effort to take down the advertisement within two hours, if sufficient detail is provided i.e. Advertiser, Brand, Campaign, Click URL, Format, Screenshot and ideally HAR file or Charles log.

Ad Misplacement Notification

Any incidents of Ad Misplacement identified by Agencies, Advertisers or Publishers can be notified to Account Management or through our main office on 0203 372 0856. We would be grateful if you could provide as much information as possible including the date, time and website on which you saw the Ad, along with the brand that was being advertised and the reason why you believe it was misplaced. Ideally a screengrab of the ad code will enable us to isolate and remove the ad faster.

The contractual consequences of not taking reasonable steps to remove an ad from a publication on written request are evaluated and agreed with the buyer on a case by case basis.