DAZN promotes the charm of women’s football and support women who shine in sports.  


Sports channel “DAZN” has acquired the broadcasting rights of Japan’s first women’s professional football league, “Yogibo WE League (Women Empowerment League) for eight seasons (until 2028-29 season) starting from the 2021-22 season. WE League is scheduled to start on September 12th (Sun).  

WE League, which was announced to be established in June 2020, is based on the philosophy of “promote a society which allows everyone with a diversity of dreams and ways of living to individually shine through women’s football and other sports”. With the visions of “to host the best women’s football in the world,” “to be the most active women’s community in the world,” and “to be the most valuable league in the world,” WE League promotes the appeal of women’s football to the world. The name of the league, “WE League”, expresses the league’s commitment to offer “Professional Women’s Football Player” as a new profession in Japanese society and to create a society where everyone becomes the hero/heroine with the league at the core. 

DAZN has launched a number of measures to promote the charm of women’s sport and to contribute to the development of women’s sport, including the acquisition of global broadcasting rights for UEFA Women’s Champions League. By becoming the official broadcasting partner of the Yogibo WE League for eight seasons, DAZN accelerated its commitment to contribute to the exposure and development of women’s sports. Eleven clubs will participate in the first season of Yogibo WE League, which will be played in a home and away league format. The league will be held for nine months, from September 12 (Sunday) to May 21 (Saturday) or 22 (Sunday), 2022, with a total of 22 rounds and 110 matches. 

DAZN is planning to stream some of the matches for free to view on DAZN YouTube channel, in order to make the 2021-22 Yogibo WE League more accessible to as many sports fans as possible.  (Please check the latest timetable for the latest schedule).

DAZN will continue to provide live contents and original contents to promote female athletes who shine in sports, both domestic and overseas. Please stay tuned. Please note that this streaming is subject to change or cancellation. 

 Comments on DAZN becoming WE League’s official broadcasting partner 

Public Interest Corporation Japan Women’s Professional Football League Chair, Kikuko Okajima: “We are very pleased to announce that Yogibo WE League will be aired on DAZN, a global sports distribution platform, for 8 seasons. Launched in 2016, DAZN has been providing quality sports content to sports fans. As stated in the vision of the league, WE League aims to be the best women’s football league in the world. DAZN, the league, and the clubs will work together to prepare for the start of the season so that we can proudly present Yogibo WE League to our fans, supporters, and all those who love sports. In addition to that, DAZN is actively distributing sports content featuring female athletes and recognizing women who are active in the world of sports, as part of the “DAZN Women in Sports Project”. WE League as a whole is committed to supporting DAZN’s efforts and working together to create a ” society which allows everyone with a diversity of dreams and ways of living to individually shine “. 

DAZN Japan Executive Vice President, Martin Jones: “We are very pleased to announce that DAZN has become the Official Broadcasting Partner for Yogibo WE League. We recently announced that we have acquired the global rights to stream the UEFA Women’s Champions League, and now with the addition of the Yogibo WE League, we will be able to bring the exciting games of women’s football players to our fans in Japan both domestically and internationally. Improving visibility, which means making women’s sports more accessible to as many people as possible, is the key to the development of women’s sports. DAZN, as the official broadcaster, is committed to making Yogibo WE League and women’s sports accessible to as many fans as possible. We will continue to support women’s activities through sports.” 

2021-2022 Yogibo WE League Clubs 

  •  Mynavi Sendai Ladies 
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Urawa Reds Ladies 
  • Omiya Ardija Ventus 
  • Chifure AS Elfen Saitama 
  • JEF United Ichihara Chiba Ladies 
  • Nippon TV Tokyo Verdy Beleza 
  • Nojima Stella Kanagawa Sagamihara 
  • AC Nagano Parceiro Ladies 
  • Albirex Niigata Ladies 
  • INAC Kobe Leonessa 
  • Sanfrecce Hiroshima Regina 

DAZN’s Previous DEI Initiatives:

DAZN has been working on initiatives that promotes “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.” DAZN’s vision is a world in which women’s and men’s sports are equally and fairly valued and recognized, and to achieve this, we believe it is necessary to increase demand for women’s sports. Therefore, we have set this as our corporate mission. In carrying out this mission, DAZN is actively working to improve the status of women’s sports, raise awareness, and support women who shine in sports through various contents. 

On International Women’s Day 2020, DAZN launched the “DAZN Women in Sports Project” to send a message to all women who shine in sports, in a partnership with Shibuya, the “City of Culture,” to encourage women who are active in sports. In November, we participated in the “SOCIAL INNOVATION WEEK SHIBUYA 2020,” where a wide variety of stakeholders crossed the boundaries to address various social issues and had an in-depth discussion on how sports can address global diversity and equality under the theme of “Sports and DEI Now and the Future”. 

On this year’s International Women’s Day, DAZN celebrated the achievements of women in March as Women History Month by sending out an inspiring message, “DAZN supports women who shine in sports” through various contents. Last month, DAZN announced that it has signed a partnership with YouTube to acquire the rights to stream the UEFA Women’s Champions League and deliver the contents to fans all around the world.