DAZN and Plan International team up to give an aspiring sports broadcaster a real-life leadership opportunity attending and directing a UWCL match behind the scenes.

At DAZN, we believe in the potential and power of women’s sport. As the global broadcaster of the UEFA Women’s Champions League, we are committed to growing women’s football around the world – on and off the pitch.  

Since 2013, DAZN has been working with Plan International to drive gender equality in sport and society. in life. Last month we had the exciting opportunity tocollaborate with Plan to help celebrate the potential and power of girls with a real-life leadership opportunity. Through their special “Girls Takeover” programme, we were able to give Holly (a 19-year-old aspiring sports broadcast journalist and member of Plan International’s Youth Advisory Board) the chance of a lifetime: attending a live UWCL match and going behind-the-scenes to help direct and produce the broadcast, alongside a career chat with the DAZN Production team.  

Check out Holly’s takeover below:  

Holly also spoke to us about her experience behind the camera: 

“As a young woman and avid football fan, growing up I heard multiple sexist remarks about how I couldn’t support football because I’m ‘a girl’, or ‘you know a lot about football for a girl’. The Telegraph recently published an article stating that ‘women make up one in five Premier League match attendees’, yet misogyny is still a big part of our experiences – both on and off the pitch. 

 Last month, I took part in a #GirlsTakeover day at DAZN as part of my experience on the Plan International UK Youth Board. I went into this experience not really knowing what to expect but knowing that I would gain a wealth of inspiration and knowledge at the end of it. To say it was an amazing experience would be an understatement.  

When I arrived at Kingsmeadow Stadium, I was in awe of the complexity of the production truck, the maze of wires and screens was difficult to get my head around. It was fascinating to see the level of behind-the-scenes preparation that goes ahead for a game like Chelsea FC Women vs Servette Women.  

 After being mesmerised by the wonders of the production truck, I was given the opportunity to hold career talks with some of the DAZN staff. I was particularly interested to learn more about how DAZN recruit and develop female talent, and how the partnership between DAZN, UEFA and YouTube aim to grow the women’s game. By making women’s football easy and accessible to all, the game will no doubt grow in popularity to the point where people will choose to pay to watch the games. It’s a great idea, and having seen firsthand the work that goes into it, I am excited to see how it develops. Seeing how a company like DAZN is leading the fight in growing the women’s game was really inspiring – it’s initiatives like these partnerships which get people talking. Until now, I didn’t realise the extent of DAZN’s commitment to growing women’s sport, but seeing the incredible work they do on the ground and behind the camera has got me talking about them to everybody.  

 Watching the first half of Chelsea FC Women vs Servette Women from the production truck, with my headset on listening to everyone communicating and interacting with their colleagues, was eye-opening. The level of concentration I needed just to sit and follow what was happening was crazy – I don’t know how DAZN’s team does it! They even let me have a go at doing the trial run, I think I’ll need a lot more practise. The takeover day as a whole was so interactive, there wasn’t a single moment where I felt I was simply just shadowing the professionals. 

 I watched the second half of the game in the VIP area so I got to soak in the atmosphere. It was my first ever live women’s game and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I even got to meet Reece James (Chelsea FC men’s player) in the VIP bar – although I’m an Evertonian so wasn’t thrilled that he wears the wrong shade of blue! I also had the opportunity to speak to some of the press at the game, about how their journalism is integral in advancing progress with women’s football.  

 Overall, the day was inspiring, educational, and mesmerising, particularly all the technical work and the cameras. I would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone at DAZN for providing me with this opportunity, and I hope they will take the success of it to provide similar opportunities for others in the future.” 

 – Holly  

Holly meets Chelsea FC footballer, Reece James.