We’ve united with Common Goal to change the game, together.

When the football community comes together, we can change the game and drive long-term, positive social change around the most vital issues at the intersection of sport and society.

It’s about more than just the beautiful game.

The global popularity of football means that the sport is in a unique position of reflecting wider fundamental issues that we all universally recognize exist within society. Whether it’s gender inequity, racism and discrimination, or a lack of diversity – all are unfortunately still synoptic of broader global issues faced within and beyond football.

As a global broadcaster, media company, and industry disruptor, DAZN understands it is our responsibility to take action.

Our global impact sponsorship will center on these three fundamental and deep-rooted issues that we will work hand in hand with Common Goal around:

Gender Equity

Racial Justice

Cultural Diversity

We believe that together, in sport and through sport, we can build and foster a coalition for change.

 Our goal is to join Common Goal in uniting the global football community to be a part of the ongoing solution and create lasting and equitable impact.

Changing the game starts now.

Closing image including DAZN and Common Goal logo lockup used in partnership announcement campaign

See our announcement HERE.

Visit Common Goal to find out more and join the movement HERE.