Sport is a unique, powerful phenomenon

It attracts billions of fans through raw skill, desire, intensity and pure, unscripted drama.

That phenomenon is an unparalleled opportunity – to create and build relationships with fans across the globe. Huge audiences. Passionate fans. Dedicated viewers.

We need to help those audiences discover more of the sports they love. We work globally with Pay TV operators, ISPs and Mobile Carriers to do just that, making sport easier to find, simpler to subscribe to and better to watch.

And when we do that, Operators build stronger relationships with sports fans and generate incremental revenue streams. So whether you want to give fans the chance to watch DAZN on your own platforms, pay via your bill, get access to DAZN via your plans or enjoy better picture quality on your networks, come and talk to us. Don’t miss out.

How can you partner with DAZN?


Our teams have built apps for hundreds of set top boxes. Hundreds. Get involved and give customers the best sports on your platform… before they look somewhere else…


Live sports at your customer’s fingertips – pre-install DAZN on your devices and delight your customers.


Set your customers free – and increase your ARPU. Give fans the chance to subscribe to DAZN via their mobile, broadband or Pay TV bill and you’ll earn even more.


The majority of our subscribers watch sport on their mobile devices. But high quality live video streaming consumes lots of data. Stand out from your competition by letting customers watch DAZN wherever they are and without the fear of bill shock.


Live sports streaming – to networks, it’s a formidable challenge. Thousands of concurrent streams multiply to millions as a game kicks off. Networks need to be fully-optimised and ready – or you’re looking at significant strain and an experience no customer wants.

At DAZN, we optimise every step of the delivery chain – and we put significant resource into doing that.

We can connect with the world’s sports fans.


So talk to us – hear how we can maximise the throughput and minimise the performance impact on your network infrastructure.

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