As a leader in the global sports ecosystem, we know the immense power of sport to transform lives and communities. It brings people together across social, cultural, and national divides, it empowers and equips people with new skills, and it delivers physical and mental health benefits like nothing else.

We believe that sport can be a catalyst for change, and we believe in sports for all. In 2021, we made great strides in improving our approach to social impact within our teams, our communities, and the wider industry.

We're proud of the steps we have already made, just as we're committed to the important work that is still to come.

Download our 2021 Social Impact Report here

The Coverage Gap

In spite of the incontestable excellence of female athletes the world over, there is still a massive disparity in the coverage they receive – a disparity that directly impacts what is a global viewership gap.

Why does this gap exist? The answer lies within a closer look at the broadcast, news, and social media coverage of women’s sports vs. men’s sports today.

In partnership between DAZN and The Female Quotient, “The Coverage Gap” global research report examines the current landscape of sports coverage, lays out a new standard for more quality and consistency, and invites the industry and fans to join in taking action to narrow the gap.

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In January 2022, we partnered with Code First Girls (CFG), the UK based social enterprise that supports women pursue a career in tech. Since then, DAZN is proud to have hired several CFG graduates.

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In 2021, we began a multi-year partnership with Common Goal, the pledge-based social impact football movement, which saw us commit a multi-million-dollar pledge alongside a 1% global employee time and resource commitment.

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In 2021, DAZN partnered with myGwork, an organisation that supports the LGBT+ community by offering a safe space for members to connect to a mentorship network and find job opportunities with an inclusive employer.