SportsPro OTT Summit 2020: A peek behind the curtain of DAZN’s global launch

Joe Markowski, DAZN EVP Global Platform & Revenue Innovation spoke at the 2020 SportsPro OTT summit this week. Hosted by Formula E Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer Hannah Brown, Joe gave insights into the strategy behind DAZN’s recent global launch and the future of the OTT sports platform.

To kick off proceedings, Joe talked about the background behind DAZN’s recent global launch.

“Over the past couple of years, we’ve owned the majority of our boxing content, which was primarily acquired for the U.S., on a global scale and we’ve been trading that content to our friends in the broadcast community. What we’re doing with the global launch is taking it back in-house and using it as the content vehicle to fuel the global launch of the platform.”

“A common misconception about our business, especially amongst consumers in the U.K., is that we’re *just* a boxing business. Yes, we have a major investment in boxing and in the first phase that will serve as our core content for the global platform” Joe explained.

“However, our longer-term ambition with the global platform is to become a multi-sport broadcaster, just as we have in the markets we entered before launching worldwide. Going forward we’ll be able to consider our content investment and rights strategy across all sports, all sports content genres and on a truly global basis as we scale the business, and that will become a major strategic advantage for DAZN.”

Joe went on to talk about DAZN’s initial price point. “The pricing being £1.99 or less in all markets, is to remove any real paywall barrier. Its priced for volume because we see huge value in acquiring as much consumer insight as possible from the markets we’re stepping in to. The more insight we have, the more comfortable we will be in making future investment decisions in specific markets.”

To kick-start the global platform, DAZN has put together a blockbuster month of live world championship boxing, including pound-for-pound king Canelo Alvarez, Kazakhstani superstar Gennadiy “GGG” Golovkin, heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, rising talent Ryan García and Olympic Gold medallist Luke Campbell. Visit www.DAZN.com to sign up now and download the DAZN app on any internet-connected or living room device.