The DAZN Network: ‘Learning How to Fail’

“Failure is unavoidable – it’s about how you deal with the failure which counts.”

‘The DAZN Network’ launched last week in the Hammersmith office, beginning a series of events that discuss work-related topics including, finding your authentic leadership voice, learning how to fail and having difficult conversations in the workplace. The first of these employee-focused discussions, ‘Learning How to Fail’, touched on defining failure in a workplace context and how to react to it. The overarching message that came out of the discussion was that trying to avoid failure is unrealistic and would restrict your chance of success.

Leading the conversation was Shelley Blackburn, SVP Operational Efficiency, who talked about experiences of failure being a positive learning curve, as a large part of her role in Operations involves setting up new schemes and policies, which often involves a degree of trial and error.

As another of our presenters, Senior Legal Counsel Marie Ingham, said: “Failure is unavoidable – it’s about how you deal with the failure which counts.”

For the best outcomes, Marie highlighted that it’s the senior employees’ responsibility to create a good communication system within the team and to encourage an environment where people feel comfortable sharing set-backs that they had experienced. And also, that it’s equally the individual’s responsibility to let their colleagues know so that any challenge can be identified quickly, tackled collectively and learnt from as a team.

Shelley’s echoed this by advising that you should seek out your own support network so that you have people within the business to reach out to, to manage expectations of stakeholders in your project and to be brave enough to call the project to a halt if you need to regroup.

All in all, the resounding message was that when facing new challenges – gather all of the information that you can, and have clear, realistic goals. As long as your decisions are helping you to meet those goals, any set-backs that you encounter are part of the course and will help you to learn how to make the project work in the long run. Set-backs are inevitable but being prepared for turning failure into success is totally within your control.